Puzzle Detective

This puzzle game hopes to give people, especially the elderly, the opportunity to work their brains when solving the puzzle as well as having the joy of seeing pictures of their familiar ones. This game is not limited to only elderly and it can be enjoyed among friends, relatives, and more.

App Features

What Makes my App Special?


When finding out that solving the puzzle will reveal an image of sent by a loved one, there is a motivating sense that encourages the user to complete the puzzle.


The different levels of the puzzle game will work the mind. There are levels that are designed to be easier than others, but the higher the level, the more thinking is required.


Excitement is created when finishing the ending puzzle. The satisfication of the outcome will motivate the user to play again.


This app is not limited to anyone as it can be enjoyed among everybody, despite age.

What is in the Game?

The difference between my puzzle game and others is that my game creates motivation. The pandemic has restricted family gatherings, and the elderly have not been provided many opportunities to see their loved ones. Alzheimer's is common among the elderly, and the pandemic may have worsened some Alzheimer's situations because of the isolation and lack of working the brain. Sometimes, it is hard to convince elderly to play a game. However, when they do find out that solving the puzzle will reveal an image of their children or grandchildren, there is an exciting emotion that encourages them to complete the puzzle.

Login Page

The purpose of having a login page is to have a main account, where the account holding all the images can be accessed by all. A family or shared account is needed because without it, the person on the receiving end (which can include elderly and friends) is not going to be able to see the puzzle that needs to be unsolved.

Upload Image

Once the upload image is clicked, there are two options on the bottom left corner: either take a picture on the spot or choose an image from the photo gallery. Once the picture is taken or uploaded, the user will then have an option to choose to crop the image (which makes the photo when solving it in a puzzle easier to format) or directly upload it to the database.

Editors >

Load Image

The load image page contains all the photos uploaded to the database. Underneath each image, there are 3 buttons. The +1 button is the 2 by 2 puzzle, one box which is left blank in order for the player to move the boxes around. The +2 button is the 3 by 3 puzzle and the trash can icon when pressed will delete the uploaded picture.

Puzzle Page

This is the page where the user will play the puzzle game. When the puzzle is completed, the user will see a completed page that will portray a trophy.

Future Development Ideas

I would like to have another option where the user can send the image link to different online platforms. When the linked is shared and the other person opens it, it will directly bring them to the puzzle screen and they can solve the puzzle on the spot without seeing the actual picture. I believe that by doing this, there will be more excitement for both the sender and the player.

I would like to have a notification sent to all users sharing the same account when a new image is uploaded. Therefore, the person who uploaded the picture does not have to tell the receiver directly that the image is ready for them to solve.


Contact Information

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact through the listed information below.

  • Email: heidi.c.teng@gmail.com